StarPro Greens St. Augustine Ultra 15 ft. Wide x Cut to Length Artificial Grass

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StarPro St. Augustine Ultra is our very tall and lush turf often chosen for a magnificent front lawn, better than the shorter and less dense synthetic turf found in backyards. This is a very dense grass with 80 oz. of grass blades per square yd. It looks like real grass but has the advantage of lower maintenance cost: no watering or mowing is required. The superior appearance results from the tall 1.75 in. field green and apple green grass blades held upright by an interwoven tan and green thatch. Our new C and S shaped blade profiles stand straighter than flat blades, especially when infilled with sand. Grass blades are UV stabilized to help grass withstand sunlight without color fading so it maintains a natural look as a thick freshly mowed natural lawn. There are 1/2 in. drain holes every 3 in. so rainfall passes through at 50 in. per hour. It’s a great choice for any arid landscape where watering isn’t practical or places where real grass doesn’t grow well. Click the online installation guide link on this page. Grass rolls are 15 ft. wide sold in any length you order. Free Samples: call 888-782-7776 (888-STARPRO).

  • Minimum order quantity: 2 (which means 2 ft. x 15 ft. = 30 sq. ft.)
  • Actual dimensions: 15 ft. wide roll by any length you specify when ordering
  • Material: 80 oz. of polyethylene/polypropylene grass blades per square yd.
  • Backing type: heavy urethane holds the grass blades securely and provides a strong flat foundation
  • Blades plus backing total 102 oz. of gross weight per square yd.
  • 1.75 in. blade height makes it look better than cheaper turf
  • The turf has 1/2 in. drain holes every 3 in. to flow rainfall quickly away
  • 2 green colors of blades makes your artificial lawn look like real grass
  • A dense layer of tan and green kinked polypropylene monofilament forms a thick thatch layer to support the grass blades and keep them standing erect
  • UV stabilized blades keep the blade colors from fading due to sunlight exposure
  • Ideal for installation in backyards, play areas for families or sports, places where real grass doesn’t grow well, and balconies or patios
  • Not the best choice for pets because it’s harder to wash pet waste from a tall and dense synthetic turf
  • Low maintenance cost: no mowing, weeding, fertilizing, or watering
  • Made in the USA with 100% American materials with the best quality, durability and warranty
  • For our installation guide click the link found on this page
  • Grass can be cut with a box cutter razor or utility knife from the back side. Grass pieces are joined using StarPro seam tape (sold separately) with tubes of Liquid Nails Fuze It All Surface Construction Adhesive. Align joined pieces so the direction (grain) of grass blades is in the same direction
  • Infilling the blades with 1/2" of medium to coarse sand is highly recommended because it stands the blades up, cools, adds weight, softness and extends life
  • This is a Custom Order. Grass is sold in 15 ft. wide rolls in any length you desire. If your desired length is 5 linear ft., order quantity is 5, and then 5 ft. x 15 ft. wide roll = 75 square ft. of grass. Use the calculator on this page to determine # of ft. you need

Color/Finish field green and apple green grass blades with tan and green thatch
Returnable Non-Returnable
Face Weight (oz./ sq.yd.) 80
Indoor/Outdoor Outdoor
Cut to Length of Order Cut to Length
Features Fade Resistant
Backing Type Polyurethane
Color Family Green
Carpet Width (ft.) 15
Pile Height (in.) 1.75
Manufacturer Warranty 10 years